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Media Resources
A short film summarising what Socrates’ Tree is, the cleverness of the tool and how it can be used to engage with a whole community. (4:22)
This short film, created for the National College for use with school visioning focuses on the student experience and contains an update from Souraya at our office, and interviews with some student participants. (2:21)
Another National College film, this time with Marcus explaining some of the rationale behind Socrates and how schools and their leaders might use the results. (2:28)
Sally Richardson, Former Head of Ravenor Primary School explains how invaluable she found the results generated by Socrates’ Tree. (1:54)
Using Socrates’ Tree for a wider engagement: Richard Weeks, Head of Teddington School, talks about how he took advantage of Socrates’ Tree to reach out to his whole community and invite them to participate in shaping the future of their school. (2:48)
A short tutorial to guide participants through completing Socrates’ Tree. (3:26)
Stuart Fox, Head of Branksome Heath Middle School discusses how teaching and learning changed in his school as a result of the opinions his stakeholders expressed on Socrates’ Tree. (2:43)
Stuart Fox, Head of Branksome Heath Middle School talks about how Socrates’ Tree provided him with evidence for his OFSTED inspection. (1:21)

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